Google Data Studio - Dashboard - Embed Appsheet App

I created data viewer app for clients and shared as sample with the community before. (CORVID data)

I created simple dashboard, using Google Data Studio. I found a feature on GDS to embed external site, and tested if Appsheet App will be runnable on GDS dashboard.

This is a result. Worked a charm.

This is public App no log in required, FYG.


That is great finding @tsuji_koichi. Thank you for sharing.

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Ultra easy tips, just past Appsheet URL.
Tested it out with your good hands, friend.

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Sure, thank you. I will also give it a try.

Would you mind sharing this app / google data studio dashboard? I would love to take a look under the hood :wink:

Send your email address (Gmail) to

Outstanding @tsuji_koichi, well-done my friend. Thank you for sharing.

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