Google Doc formatting not coming through on email

I have email formatted in Google Doc but the formatting is not coming through. I inserted the text into a table and formatted the info but when I receive the email its as if the table is not in place. The text extends across the screen and there’s no color, bold or varying font sizes as in my template. I updated the Email to System Mandrill based on some notes here but no luck. When I download the doc to html zip file and it looks great there. Is there a way for us to ensure the formatting is respected?

Sample of designed Doc:

Actual Email:

It looks like whatever email service you are using is not accepting HTML-formatted emails. If my guess is right, that means it is not anything you are or are not doing in the template, it is your email service that is converted the HTML into plain text.

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Its a gmail account.

It appears to be a static text, not dependent on any template expressions. One option is to create a PNG or JPG image from it and include that image in the template. Screenshot of an example from the test workflow email fired with this approach below

The approach below may help in preserving the format in terms of fonts , font size and color as per the original. However there could be possible loss of resolution but for text-only image I believe the resolution should be reasonable.

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