Google Doc Template <<Start>> Expression

Having below tables with links.

  1. Inspection Header (Master Table)
  2. Inspection Checklist (Child Table for Inspection Header)
  3. Observation (Child Table for Inspection Checklist)
  4. Media (Child Table for Observation)

I have set two different options for sending reports.

  1. Report from Inspection Header (Action button to send a report) - picture 1 and 2
  2. Common option (custom report) to send a report by selecting inspection id.

The 1st option for sending report is successful as advised.
The problem for 2nd option to send a report from common option - picture 3 and 4
The media table is not working says “related observations” not found. - picture 5

How to construct the <> expression. please.

Attached screen shots for two options for reference.

Is you formula <<"Start: [Inspection Details]>> and it’s End in correct position?

Yes Mr. Aleksi. Header Information and Finding section working fine. The problem is in Media section, As i want to keep them, after all observations printed.

Something is worg here:

Check the syntax, looks like there is an ENTER(new line) in the middle of the name [Related Medias].
If not, check the Log the see what is the exactly error cause.

Actually, it is a table having 2 columns. first column will hold a picture and another column is description of that picture.
Log says "Unable to find “Related Observations”…

Can you please help me out with Start expression?

I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The workflow rule name
  4. The exact steps to reproduce the problem
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  1. Account Id (google) Account ID: 575724
    Plan: PRO
    Support level: PRO

  2. App name : Fleet Inspection

  3. Workflow rule name : “Inspection Report - Specific” (Template)

  4. Click the “Inspection Report” from Hamburger menu and select any “inspection code”.

Thanks lot @Phil

Your template should contain a Start expression like:

<<Start: SELECT(Inspection Header[Inspection Code], [Inspection Code] = [_THISROW].[Inspection Code])>>

Between the Start and End expressions, you should format the Inspection Header record.

Based on your “Report from Inspection Header” that might look something like:

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Dear Mr. @Phil, Thanks lot for this solution. It works perfectly now.