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Hi all

My “little” appsheet project is starting to become bigger than Ben-Hur.

I have an appsheet table with many rows, but only a few columns which I need to print.

To avoid spanning too many pages, I was hoping to take advantage of the Column feature in Google Docs. To avoid confusion with this feature name, I have included a screenshot below.

Screenshot from 2021-07-23 14-59-03

Frustratingly, this feature doesn’t seem to work with apphsheet.

My workaround is to create a 2 cell x 1 row table in Google Docs and then put my appsheet table within each cell of the Google Docs table.

I’ve worked out that I have room for 29 rows. This means I can use TOP(MyListExpression, 29) for the left cell.

The right cell has me stumped. -I wish there was a Middle function, like MIDDLE(MyListExpression, 30, 58).

Can anyone think of a way to display the next 29 rows (30 to 58) from a list?

I’m open to other solutions/workarounds. -Ideally, if someone knows of a way to make the Google Docs Column feature work with appsheet, that would be awesome. Or perhaps some other workaround that I haven’t thought of.

Thanks in advance


I’m curious to see what responses you get. I have been less than impressed with AppSheets “reporting” capabilities.

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Hi all, I ended up with my home-brew 2 cell x 1 row table option.

@Suvrutt_Gurjar, provided the (real) expression to replace my (fake) MIDDLE function here:

In summary, the expression is:

TOP ( [SortedList]- (TOP ( [SortedList] , [From]-1) ), [To] - [From]+1)

Hope this helps anyone else.


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