Google Drive images. Would like input on if this an ok way to do it

I have a Google apps script that reads a folder with images once a day, and makes a complete list of all it’s inventory in a Google sheet, with links and all. (No need for write functionality in app.)

I have two extra columns that has a formula converting the link to the following below, and it’s working well on my tests.

Is this a sound way to go about it? Are there any pitfalls you can think of?

The images are reloading each time i open the app, which I’m a bit concerned about. Though the thumnail version of the images are lightning fast, which is nice.

Some of the background for doing it this way, is that I want everything for now to be accessed through the Google Drive app as well, so we have a “backup solution” if the app stops working.{{1920}}-h{{1080}}{{1920}}-h{{1080}}

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I would suggest that instead of using a spreadsheet formula to generate the other columns, just write those other links with your script as well. That way the value in the cell is a static value.

You may also experiment with some of these options to try and improve the experience in the app.


Yeah good point. :slight_smile:

Lets code some more!

I’m a bit weary on storing images offline, as I regularly update some of the images to a new version in Google Drive. (while keeping the adress the same). Not sure if appsheet will detect it…

It will not. You’ll need to change the name with each update.

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Thank you so much for the clarification. I really appreciate your knowledge.

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