Google drive URL in my spreadsheet readable?

I am trying to create an app for a simple inventory (stock in stock out) for my mobile device (Btw I’ve research many apps none work for me) . I am creating my spreadsheet in google sheets. I want to paste the url address of my item images ( they are my own photos) into sheets. Not the photo but the text url. I was told in google drive to click on photo than go to share where a shareable link appears. Copy and paste into the column I designated in sheets. Is this workable? Will my photos show up in the app I create? I’m not a programmer. Learning from scratch . This is what the link looks like

Is there anything in the url that is not transferable or readable?

I enclosed a photo of the page I shared.

Also how do I review this in appsheet so I can see if it works?
Totally appreciate any help?

See the Google Drive section in the following help article

Marc. Thank you. I will. How do I check if I am doing the correct thing? I would like to input a few sample rows (that will include url and what I’ve done so far) and export it to appsheet. Would I be able to check on my progress (on appsheet) , if so, how do I do that?