Google drive

I have an Excel spreadsheet in Google Drive and even though I have saved it as XLS it still is not being presented on the list when I select find my own data when starting. I have connected App Sheet with Google Drive but this spreadsheet will not show. Any help to get me started?

I am using a MAC
Thank you

Not sure, but I think it has to be a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Thanks Simon, its recognising all the other Excel spreadsheets in the drive except the new I made. I will try this.

Thanks Simon this worked.

Excel file from the Drive should work. Please save it as XLSX and see if that helps.


Thanks Aleksi - Tried that and it still says You do not have permission to access one or more tables in the app. I have it saved as XLSX in Google sheets.

Do you mean you have saved it in Google Drive?

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Where do you see this permission error? So after you changed it to XLSX, are you able to see it from the list when you are adding a new table?

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Hi Aleksi - its at the very start when I am creating the app and then I select to use my own data. Then I select google-1 to access google drive then I select the xlsx file from the list of excel files. Then I get the error message. Maybe it is something wrong with the tables in the Excel sheet?