Google Form and AppSheet can't work simultaneously

Hi, currently I launched the Appsheet from Google Forms Add On.
I use Google Forms to fill in by users, and use appsheet to continue with some workflow such as “checked by”…

But I found that Google Forms and Appsheet cannot be implement simultaneously.

For example, I use Google Forms to fill in 3 responses, so that Google Spreadsheet will have 3 rows of responses.

After that, I try to use Appsheet to add 3 more responses. Yes, the rows of responses in Google Spreadsheet is now 6 rows.

Then another user is using Google Forms to fill in one more response, but the response is overwrite in row 4 which is fill in by using Appsheet.

May I know is that any solution regards this issue?

Thank you!!

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I think you should send this to and let them know about it there.