Google form does not allow you to dynamically...

(Рустам Утаганов) #1

Google form does not allow you to dynamically change the values of the drop-down list. This can be done with add-ons. But my list contains about 10,000 values and additions can not do it. The application allows you to search through the drop-down list. But how can you load 10,000 values into a Google form? or are there any other options? help pliz?

(tsuji koichi) #2

I’m not sure if this does fit to your case, but did you try to use Google Sheet function of “Unique”?

You have table with 10,000 rows, and you wish to have dropdown list from one particular column in this table.

Create one new worksheet in googlesheet (just single column only). Put the proper name of column here (A1 cell). Then put this unique() to A2 cell.

The range you select within this expression, pick up from target column in the table.

This pulls unique value from target column, and work dynamically, i.e. when you add 10,001 th item, unique function pick up as far as the newly entered value does not exist previously.

Add this worksheet as new table to Appsheet and create a ref.

You would have dynamic dropdown list at the end, i hope.

Hope this would make sense.