Google Forms + AppSheet


Is it possible to use Google Forms as form input to AppSheet?

I’m almost certain of doing this about a week ago, when I submitted google form and got AppSheet to imediately act on the new answer: put inicial values to other columns, do workflows, etc.

Now it seems not to work anymore… Is there something I’m missing?


Google Forms can be used to populate a worksheet that an AppSheet app also uses, but Google Forms is not integrated with AppSheet, so AppSheet-delivered behavior cannot be applied to Google Form submissions.

Thank you @Steve

Could you give me some advise in my specific case?
I’m building a patient transportation system for my hospital.

We expect to have 60 transporters (30 users per shift) receiving transportation requests from 100+ units. Transportation requests would come from a very simple form.

If the units had to be users too, I think maybe it would be too many unnecessary users for just filling a form…

Is there an alternative way of form input for AppSheet, or other idea?

Sounds like the Publisher Pro plan might be the best option for you.

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