Google Forms Linking to AppSheet

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I’m wondering if anyone can help me with a question I have regarding a google form we use for our repair guys to submit their inspection report to our main office. We are in the process of creating an app so that they can get their daily schedule through the app instead of having to call the office every hour for their next job.

The app will give them the address, issue, map, etc… for each job. But I would like to somehow link our existing form to each property address but have it so that when they complete the form, it knows what job they were in. (via the property address) The address field does not exist in our form because our guys do not speak good english and they wouldn’t know how to type the address out the way our system needs it. So I need to somehow get the general form to link to each job so that it pulls the job info in to the form, or vice-versa. What is the best way to achieve this so that our front office can tell which job they are submitting the form for?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Dunrite, i believe you could get some information auto filled in your google form if you use the prefill feature that’s detailed in the post you linked, you would need an action that links to an external page, and the address would be constructed using the columns that you wish to autocomplete.

That way, your users can simply press the “go to form” action in the detail view of the job they need to complete, and bam, all those troublesome fields would be loaded.

Is that the solution you’re looking for?