GOOGLE FORMS not triggering Automation (SOLVED)

So I am building an app internally, started VERY simple, I am super new to this. I have automation built in to notify me via SMS when a form is submitted (via when an add occurs in the table). It works great when its the appsheet form internally (when submitted on the app, or deep link), however when a webform is submitted (via google forms) it does not trigger the automation. With the deep link it requires login I beleive, and if it does not, it still shows patient data (which obviously can be published on the web). Ive tried it from several users - same result.

I hope this makes sense

I appreciate any help or insight.

My business is medical staffing customers submit patients so they MUST not be able to view data from other submissions due to HIPAA.

Default behavior is that only data changes made from within the app will trigger Automations. It was only very recently that the capability was added to trigger Automation on changes made directly in the GSheet, however this is not the simplest thing to setup (and also perhaps not fully fleshed out yet). See the following link for more information on that.


Thank you Marc! I will take a look at this, I appreciate you responding so quick.

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This worked, big thanks for the workaround!