GOOGLE FORMS not triggering Automation (SOLVED)

So I am building an app internally, started VERY simple, I am super new to this. I have automation built in to notify me via SMS when a form is submitted (via when an add occurs in the table). It works great when its the appsheet form internally (when submitted on the app, or deep link), however when a webform is submitted (via google forms) it does not trigger the automation. With the deep link it requires login I beleive, and if it does not, it still shows patient data (which obviously can be published on the web). Ive tried it from several users - same result.

I hope this makes sense

I appreciate any help or insight.

My business is medical staffing customers submit patients so they MUST not be able to view data from other submissions due to HIPAA.

Default behavior is that only data changes made from within the app will trigger Automations. It was only very recently that the capability was added to trigger Automation on changes made directly in the GSheet, however this is not the simplest thing to setup (and also perhaps not fully fleshed out yet). See the following link for more information on that.


Thank you Marc! I will take a look at this, I appreciate you responding so quick.

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This worked, big thanks for the workaround!


Can u help me,
how you make this ?

Hey under Automation
Create a new automation

Trigger "When a new response is created
Event Type: Data Change
Table: (the table you want to trigger the change, in my case its a form response)
Data Change: ADDS ONLY (if you just want notifications from NEW entries)

Process: (Name it whatever you want)
Task to run: Send SMS
via channel (default SMS)
To: Phone numbers you want to receive

Note youll need to watch the above posted video to enable external eventing.

In order to customize a message you can “add SMS content” to add content from special rows you just need to use the following format <>, So for example, you could use column names like so.

WORK NOTICE: You just received a form submission from <> for a job located at <> for the “<>”

So the text you would receive would be as follows.

WORK NOTICE: You just received a form submission from John for a job located at 123 Street, Ny, Ny for July 1 2021.

Reminder if it screws up an active app simply DISABLE the automation untill you can fix and re publish.

I hope this helps a bit sorry this was typed kind of fast so may come off confusing


Are you using appsheet pro?
I’m currently still using the free appsheet, the app has been deployed and is for personal use only

I am new to appsheet. i have try to use this function but the bot is not trigger, not sure where gone wrong.

  • I have add-on the appsheet event in my google sheet, trigger on the form responses sheet.

  • create a bot, Data change, Table (the form responses that i turn on), condition blank, add-only

Test the action by Execute


And i did receive the notification.

but will submitting new form, the automation task was not trigger.
Went to check on the Manage > monitor > automation monitor : event was not found inside

Both google sheet and appsheet was login with the same account.
Not sure where i config wrong


I had the same issue…make sure your app is deployed.


Any one know, something about the phone format, that its need to trigger the SMS?. In USA one phone number has 11 digits.

Same issue for me. Testing was successed, but there isn’t triggered when a new row or update made either by form or manually. Task has simply return “successed” value at [automation] column. :frowning:

I wonder if this is still working.

Key point:
Forms can be linked to save responses to a NEW SHEET ONLY

Try re-create the google form, create NEW SHEET
Go to your app, add in the data sheet
Turn on appsheet event on the sheet

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