Google Maps Platform [Maps JavaScript API]

Hello AppSheet Community and Mister @praveen

I try to make an AppSheetGIS application.

I recently found that we can add Google Maps Platform integration Usage limits for Google Maps but It seems this article is mostly focused on high-precision geocoding addresses.

My question is can we use the Maps JavaScript API to display a custom map with GeoJSON data inside an AppSheet Maps UX View ?


Not right now. It seems like a complex task for our core audience (business users – not software engineers).

@Jeremie maybe you could describe the problem you are trying to solve. What do you want to show in your app and why? We do support “indoor floor maps” out of the box, so that usually addresses some of the custom map use cases

My Application is linked to a Nationwide fiber network deployment project.

The workers team need to visualize the cable fiber trace

For now i have external solution to let them visualize the Shapefile database [QField Android]

I just wanted to try to have a All-in solution.

The Kml custom maps feature has too much limitation [i guess appsheet use “my maps” google service]

And having an expression to select the right kml when the device is in the coordinate zone seems not a viable solution for AppSheet dev roadmap.

I know i Dream Big.

Any way, thanks for your fast reply.


If we had an IFrame view that you could add into a Dashboard and bring in this external visualization into your Appsheet app dashboard, would that be a satisfying solution for you?



Uhhhhoh, are you going to open that can of worms!?
That sounds fun…


First on a overall aspect, i do think having an IFrame view would be really useful for many User Case.

The external App i use for visualisation [Qfield] use a local data storage, its not a Web service.

If i can embded inside an AppSheet IFrame View this kind of map service Umap here an exemple Map Exemple it will be a nice alternative.

First I think this will cause a performance issues inisde AppSheet.
Secondly my maps will not be public so my users will need to login to the web service

How Appsheet will deal with this extra authorization step ?

Do this will be possible show the desired IFrame through an expression depends on where the device is ?

Im not blocked in my project, and my app satisfy my requirements.

It’s just to experiment and pushing Appsheet to its boundary.

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This would be awesome!! Especially if we could build the URL with column values to submit extra parameters in the POST request.

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That is something we are considering for scenario around live GPS tracking and route mapping where some customers already have some route mapping and tracing apps that might be better suited than us trying to rebuild this inside our Map views.
So we are not quite ready to work on it but it is getting warmer…
I was testing the waters for interest beyond the GPS route tracking scenarios we have been thinking about.
Your comments and scenarios above are very useful for me and @morgan
Thank you


AppSheet is great, and its the most robust solution on the market.

I’m proud to be part of the community and will be always here to share my experience.

Can’t wait to see the Future of AppSheet.