Google Maps

I am mapping LATLONG from my table which has Names, LatLong and other columns.
I also have created Format Rule for changing the icons based on color. Works great.
My question now is that
I want the MAP to display the Names from that table as Icon Name.

How can we do that?

Let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks you

Does making the name column as label of that table help?

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I have the “Name” column as label in App Sheet.
There is no way to assign a Label to icon in Map. The label is only visible when you hoover over the icon.
I would like that label to display without hoovering on the map

With this revised requirement shared by you, I believe it is currently not possible to do so.


I was able to do the Map in Microsoft BI and was able to get the labels displayed as “Categories” in the map. Its unfortunate that App sheet MAP is very limited in what we can do. Wish Appsheet provided some other options along with Google Maps

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Thank you for the update. Nice to know that you were able to do the maps with labels in Power BI. You could possibly raise a feature request for labels on maps.

Well, if I may add my two cents as an Appsheet user for last almost 5 years on this topic, every software / product has its primary objectives. So Power BI is basically a data visualization and analytics tool, it will definitely have more such visualization capabilities. However, Power BI cannot build mobile apps that AppSheet nicely does.

So I think we as users or integrators of these products need to use the strengths of each one to build best possible systems for end users.


I totally agree with you Mr Gurjar. App Sheet is unique in its abilities and suits its purpose extremely well. I will continue to be a avid user or Appsheet
Thank you