Google - Oil and Gas

In reference to this article:
I apologize, I could not find the source straight from Google.

  • How will this affect AppSheet?
  • Will there be a grace period for people to transition to other platforms?
  • What does it mean to Google to be an Oil and Gas company (in other words, would a company that makes products for oil and gas companies be considered an oil and gas company)?

This question is not a critique of if Google should do this or not.


If I understand this correct, Google said…

…"'it will not “build custom AI/ML algorithms to facilitate upstream extraction in the oil and gas industry,” the company announced on Tuesday. This represents a small but significant win for climate activists."

They are not saying that Oil and Gas companies cannot use their platform or any of Google’s sub companies, like AppSheet, but they are saying that Google itself pledges not to build complex AI software systems for the Oil and Gas industry like they do for other industries. This should not affect your ability to use AppSheet though.

I am not an expert on this, and this is just my understanding of what they said.

Also, I believe appsheet has sample apps that are in the Oil and Gas industry, just look up “Rig”, and you should see them.

If Google doesn’t make AI software just for Oil and Gas themselves, I can understand this, but I definitely think that they shouldn’t be able to stop you from using their services.