Google script to update value

I am using the Tasker app to get various updates live to a google sheet, let’s say it is the phone current location in real time. Instead of having a virtual column look for the Max() value in my app i want something to run in the background and update my phone location on an actual column. Is there a google script to do that using my phone unique id?

You want a Google script that will read the current location from your phone and log that to a Google sheet every so often?

You may try and google it. For example, I found this:


Hi, i already track my location in real time, i do it with an app that sends data to google sheets.

I guess I’m not clear on what you’re asking.

Ok. So i have a table in which i have automatic updates ( New rows are added ) with the phone location. I can setup a virtual column to get the latest location, however, i want the location to be in a real column in my other table. The automatic location is acheived with a third party app. The problem with a virtual column is that it has to run on a large scale of data within the app. Perhaps there is a formula to be used instead of a script?

There’s no way to force a sync programmatically unless initiated by the user so no, I don’t see how it’s possible either with a formula or a script.

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Sooo…you just need a script to copy data from one cell to another, yah?

but it needs to run as new data is added in one table and then updates a specific cell in another sheet