Google Sheet sync delay

For the last 3 or 4 days, AppSheet syncs very slow.

I use Google Sheets. I push the data via API and I see the data is written in the row. But it takes a few minutes to show the new data in the UI. In the meantime, I trigger several manual syncs to get the data.

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Hi @mustafa , if I understand this correctly:

  1. you use the AppSheet REST API to update data in a Google Sheet
  2. but then it takes a few minutes to refresh the data in the app UI

Two quick questions to ask:

  1. Is delta-sync enabled in your app? If so, could you turn it off
  2. Is it marked as a read-only table in the app (shouldn’t be if you’re using the REST API to do updates, but just verifying)
  3. After the first manual sync in the app, if you switch to a different view and come back to the original view, does the data update?



Hi Praveen,

Yes. This is enabled. Most probably this causes the problem. I will turn it off and watch for a while.
For other visitors of the topic, this is the explanation.

Caution : The Delta sync option has the potential to significantly speed up Sync, but it also has the potential to cause data errors.* AppSheet is only able to check Delta sync with cloud providers that use spreadsheet files. It checks the LastModifiedTime property of the file to determine if it has been updated (updates could happen directly to the spreadsheet). In cloud file systems like Google Drive, this timestamp is not perfectly accurate.

The rest of the controls are just for your info.


No. It does not update.

Thank you.

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