Google Sheets Data Syncing

This may be related to me still being a free user. I’ve been working on an application and it has been roughly a month since I’ve started.

When I logged into my app today, all of the test data I used was no longer there however I did insert a new entry for test data that now shows. It appears on the web demo and on my phone however when I select the option to view source in the data tab, the old information and google sheet load as if nothing has changed.

What’s going on?

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Have you checked that your data is not in the bottom of the sheet?

My data is filling the top rows. There has not been a change to my data, but it no longer appears for me in app or on the website. When selecting the option to view source I then see my data in google sheets.

Are you seeing the same data in your app and in your source gSheet?

I should probably ask with this way… do you see the data from the app in your spreadsheet but not the opposite?

The data used to match and they are now completely different. no matches between the two.

What option are you using with your table… either “As app user” or “As app creator”? You can find that option from Table’s definition.

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Same problem here. Did you ever solve this?

@tobyinla May I ask what kind of issue you have with your app?