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I want you all to allow google slides to be a template for reports. The reason I want this, is so that we can create layers of stuff on the slide. For example, I could insert a picture into a google slide and create text boxes on top of that picture that I could reference with appsheet <<[Last Name]>>.

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@Phil @praveen The ability to use Google Drawings as a Template for Workflow would also be very useful feature for Appsheet. We are trying to replicate existing/other people’s PDF documents that need data entered and signatures. Often, a Client must fill out multiple PDF agreements with the exact same contact-type data. It would save time and money if an App could automatically fill out all of the necessary PDF/Documents. These PDF documents are used for contracts, agreements, forms, etc. One example is an IRS W2 or W4 form. It is difficult to exactly replicate this official document using Google Docs as a Template, but using Google Drawings, I can Insert an Image of the official IRS W4 form, then simply add Text boxes right where I need data to be entered, see image below. If my App could use Google Drawings (or Slides) it would take about 10 minutes to exactly replicate this IRS W4 PDF. I believe this new functionality would open up vast new uses for Appsheet Apps. Thank you for your consideration!
*Another solution would be the ability to insert a PDF image into a Google Doc and then add Text boxes on top, but I do not think this is currently possible. It might be possible using Microsoft Word, however.

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I did a brief search to see if there is an API for manipulating Google Drawings. Normally, I need an API to integrate anything with AppSheet, My brief search indicated that there is no API for Google Drawings. Do you know of one?

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I’m not sure of google drawings, but it looks like there is one for google slides. I think it could serve the same purpose as google drawing.

Adding an image in MS Word is also possible, and sending it to background works too. It just doesn’t work when Appsheet uses it as a template. It pulls the image out of the document. You get a page with the image, and then a page with the other stuff.

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Here’s what it looks like with google slides, doing it just because it seems to be the cool thing to do

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@Phil any chance this could work?

crickets… anyone… anyone… @Phil

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