Google "Tables" - new integration?

Not sure what the Google 's road map, but it sounds perfect if we coud have Airtable type of experience within Appsheet + table view?

Yet tested Google Tables, but should consider the integration with Appsheet!

Let me post as another feature request, although I may be early bird before we test new google tools. :sweat_smile:


If we could convert current appsheet table view to this type of new solution (alike Airtable), how more appsheet is going to be powerful. No question.


We hear you Koichi…
SO many opportunities for great integrations…

I would say far too many to deal with the present moment… :pensive:

For me, i m almost running out of my energy to catch up with your upgrade and update, but please bring more of trouble to me by new feature and integration!

Hey @tsuji_koichi! I was just testing out Google Tables Kansan boards too!

Agreed. It would be awesome to get this same drag and drop functionality in AppSheet.

I m not testing yet anything with google tables, but not only that sort of features, but Tables should provide more of useful functionalities etc. I cant help imagining it can be done on Appsheet platform. How fancy isnt it? :grinning:

In the meantime, I never used Airtable (only tested) before, as I have been dreaming appsheet will put that sort of features in place on the platform. So avoid to use any other external service, apart from URL based APIs! That s my own rule.

No GAS neither. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

In my humble opinion to stay nutral, I got impression Google will close down Awesome table sometime soon! I just made it a rule to myself not to use it as production app and solutions!

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Definitely would like to see Google Tables integrated into appsheets. It makes sense to use Google Tables as a more sophisticated data source than Google Sheets. Google Tables has great potential and could easily rival Airtables.

I want to invest in Google Tables, but I need interop between products to do so.


Did you see this article: Google’s AirTable rival, Tables, graduates from beta test to become a Google Cloud product – TechCrunch

" As Tables graduates into Google Cloud’s lineup, it will be integrated with Google’s no-code app building platform, AppSheet, which has a free tier, allowing the freemium model to continue. Users who want additional features will be able to upgrade to a premium plan. It will also be offered as a standalone product, for those who want that experience."

Is it confirmed by AppSheet Team?