Google tasks integration

Wondering if anyone has experience with integrating Google Tasks with AppSheet. I’ve got a column in my data table for ‘Notes’ and it would be pretty sweet if those notes actually got saved to google tasks. I’ve got no experience with APIs though. Wondering if you can integrate AppSheet directly to Google Tasks or do I need to use a webhook and open an account with Zapier. I’d prefer to do it directly. Also, do you connect Google Tasks to AppSheet or AppSheet to Google Tasks? Does it matter or do you have to do both?

You would create a webhook from AppSheet to post to Tasks. No need for Zapier. This is the relevant doc page -


There is no direct integration between the two.

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How would I use the webhook without going through Zapier? Every AppSheet tutorial video I’ve seen says, make a webhook and go through Zapier.

Does that mean using a webhook wouldn’t work?

You would need to write a few lines of code in google apps script or you could use a Google cloud function. Our company provides paid services at a very nominal price. Please DM me if interested.


Can google tasks be added as a google calendar source?