Google template column width

Hi all!
I’m having a hard time with the column widths on a table in my PDF report, seems no matter where I set the template column width, it gets some sort of auto width based on the content.

I read something about using <> before and after table but confused on exactly where to place them. My tests just treated them like text.

Thanks for your help!

You using Google Docs?

Yes Sir! Open to other ideas if need be.

Do you want to share your template with and I’ll take a look? I’ll need edit permissions

Done, thanks Simon!

Can you also email me a couple of PDF examples of where its resizing?

I’ve experienced the same problem. Tried resizing fonts, etc and problem still exists.

@Joe_Benson1 by all means send me yours too

Thanks Simon but it probably won’t help. The original doc looks fine. It only happens when data fields are populated by the app and it’s converted to a pdf for e-mailing or saving. The vertical lines of the table seem to realign on each row depending on the data in the cell. There is no sign of this happening on the original document. Reducing font size makes little if any difference. You can try this for yourself. Make a simple table in a Google Doc and fill it with variables from an app data source. Create an action/workflow to attach the resultant pdf to an email and look at the result. You will see what I mean.