Google's Creator Support Service

It seems that Area120 is going to release a new service aimed at supporting creators.

I wonder if we, App “Creator”, will be involved in it? :sunglasses:

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I’ve been consistently bugging Praveen about things like this for years now

  • I’d love to be able to sort of ‘package up’ certain elements of an app (columns (both physical and virtual), slices, views, actions, automations, etc.) and be able to copy them from one app to another
    • Then have a way to sell these modules to others so they could easily integrate that functionality in their app
  • I’d also love if there was a way for me to easily sell a “Complete Solution” app
    • But there’s no real good mechanism in place to make that happen

Hopefully in the near future!


I’m hoping that the AppSheet store will be opened instead of Qaya.:hugs: