Gooogle Sheet vs Google Cloud SQL - Performance

To test the sync time, I tested just one table with exact same data in Google Sheet vs Google Cloud SQL - both about 60K rows with no relationships and no virtual columns and formulas - plain static data. I was hoping that SQL will be much faster. It turns out that it reads from SQL much faster but data conversion takes much longer - which leads to SQL being slower than Google Sheet. I have the exact same data type in both tests - not sure why it is converting SQL data and not Sheet data.

SQL is taking about 20 seconds when Sheet is about 6 seconds. In case of SQL data, 16 secs is spent just on data conversion. Any ideas/suggestions to avoid this data conversion when I am accepting the default column types that Appsheet generates?

Please see attached screenshot.

Hi Ali, definitely something fishy going on there. Do you mind sending a support ticket with the details of this app — it will give us a chance to investigate it deeper. Thanks


Please mention we discussed this in the community so the ticket gets routed to me :]


I have created support ticket. Thank you Praveen.

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Hi Praveen, I created a ticket a few days ago. While awaiting response from dev team, I did some troubleshoot myself - I suspect that if you have a date as datetime or timestamp in MySQL but Column type is Date in Appsheet, it takes a long time to covert it. I am not 100% sure but I have other large tables with no issues but this one has some dates which makes me wonder it has to do with date conversions. Sounds like a bug to me as AppSheet is able to convert DateTime/Timestamp from Google Sheet without any performance hit but from SQL it seems to be causing performance issues.