Gotta question. I am creating a suite of apps...

(Kevin Kelley) #1

Gotta question. I am creating a suite of apps for our farm as the one app approach resulted in too long of syncing times (not terrible, just not as snappy as a phone only app).

Each of the apps will contain some of the same tables and virtual columns. Setting each of these up is time consuming and fraught with possible errors and overlooks by me.

I know I can copy my mega app now and delete out stuff I don’t want, but that is very time consuming as well. A bulk delete option so that it didn’t sync after each table was deleted would help, but may not be overly useful to the community as a whole.

Could it be possible to copy tables and their column settings from one app to another someday? Especially useful as apps evolve.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and consideration.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Kevin_Kelley Good feature request, we’re working towards this.