GPS Data to Auto Open/Complete Forms

Hi There

I’m designing an app that allows me to gather metrics and performance indicators on the staff I’m responsible for mentoring and have to manually edit several spreadsheet lists and answer several questions to gather the reporting I need.

Using AppSheet, I’d like the ability for it to detect my current location (i.e. when I perform a site visit) then:

  • Check that information against a list of addresses I’ve saved in a spreadsheet with relevant site/worker information.
  • Pick the one closest to my current position.
  • Auto open and fill certain fields of a form (i.e. Site Name, Staff Name).

I’d like the app to do this each time I open it, but would like to ability to manually set the location in-case I’m performing a ‘site visit’ virtually over the phone.

I’ve already achieved somewhat of a working app, with data being pulled from a Read Only Table (i.e. site and worker information), and having it auto complete some form fields using a de-reference, before writing that to a worksheet holding all the reports within Google Sheets - nothing using GPS data however.

I figured I’d use something else down the line to separate the reports I make to view them by Worker or by Site, but I am not sure how.

Any help appreciated.

You won’t be able to get exactly that.


Hi Steve

Thanks for replying.

Would you be able to expand a little more on where I would incorporate the above expressions and how? My knowledge is still pretty limited when it comes to expressions and including formula to run off column data.

There were also a few other things I wanted to try with automation, such as notifying me when it’s been more than x amount of time since I last checked in with a staff member, or if a field has been left blank for several site visits in a row (as not every field is mandatory to fill out - such as workplace safety inspection [y/n]).

Any help appreciated.