GPS location


Would it be possible to have a default message entered if unable to get a GPS location, i would like it to be a required question but if i do and it cant find one i am unable to save the form and have to start all over again which is kind of anonying

(John Baer) #2

To get around your saving constraint when no GPS location is found, could you add a Yes/No field “Turn Off GPS requirement?”? Then create your custom message on the GPS field …“GPS location not found. Select the ‘Turn Off GPS Requirement’ flag to continue saving the form.”

Oh, and you could probably make the “Turn Off GPS Requirement” only show if the GPS field ISBLANK().

(Grant Stead) #3

Also, don’t forget there’s location faker apps… So don’t use it as some sort of fail safe lol

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(Levent Kulacoglu) #4

I will totally agree with @Grant_Stead here and I might have repeated this a lot many times: in the current world we are living, unless you are not using a real GPS device, the GPS sensors in a mobile device is totally hackable and if you look at the stores, there a lot of Fake GPS apps available and in both Android and iOS devices, provided you enable the Developer Mode on the device, you can turn on the Mock Location setting easily. So unfortunately, mobile device GPS locations are not 100% reliable. So there is no meaning to have live GPS tracking feature. Even with the HERE() expression, I can log myself in anywhere in world I want.

(Grant Stead) #5

I mean, most the time if it’s just used a an initial level of communication sure… Like knowing where your Uber driver is.

Also, consider, the battery implications.


Ah thats a good point, did have a yes/no field but didnt think to have it only show if the field was blank thanks for that.