GPS real time tracking of delivery

Dear all, there have been multiple requests around the ability to track the delivery status in real time, is there are any progress on this feature request, we urgently need this feature to track our deliveries ? also is it possible we can get the data feed from another device ? like blackbox in vehicle through API or something and display that in the app sheet ?

Hi @Ahmed_Zeidan this is one solution:


would love to have native function in appsheet which can do that directly without several other apps which the driver need to install on his mobile

HI Ahmed,
Thank you for advocating for this feature. Very much needed and desired.
We are still very much hoping to be able to release it eventually, but I want to be candid with everyone, it can’t be in the near term for compliance, privacy steps we have to take now that we are part of Google and that are on the timeline out of our control.
If you need something in the short term, then you’ll have to resort to using other route tracking type software…
We are working on an IFrame type view that we hope to release in the next few weeks and that should be able to enable you to host these other route tracking type views inside of an Appsheet Dashboard soon I hope.