GPS tracking

(Katie Loving) #1

Can we please have live GPS tracking created as a functionality soon? This would be beneficial to my business and I am sure a few others.

(John Baer) #2

Katie, there are currently multiple GPS tracking needs - mobile devices, vehicles equipped with GPS, 3rd party mobile GPS trackers, and I’m sure others. You want to be crystal clear on what functionality you need to get any traction on your request.

If you referring to near-real time tracking of mobile devices running an AppSheet application so it can be plotted into a map view, I am totally with you and can use that functionality TODAY! Your request will get my vote!!

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #3

@Katie Like @WillowMobileSystems mentioned, it would be great to hear more specifics about your scenario. There are ways to capture location already, but require manually submitting/syncing (instead of automatic in the background). Here’s an example:

(John Baer) #4

@Peter since you mentioned automatic background capturing, are there any plans to implement such functionality? I read in the AppSheet documentation that apps with a GPS field included do poll for current location once per minute. If that’s the case, then conceptually it seems easy enough to take that value in an automatic process and write it. I do understand the concerns from AppSheet side of all the devices suddenly writing to its servers once a minute. I think the background process could write once every 10 minutes and still be a very useful tool in our apps.

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