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in the graph view of my app (shown below) i am getting the graph view for all the data i.e. tournament t20 1 and t20 2 highlighted in the Legend area, but i would like to put a choice filter whereby i can choose the tournament for which to see the graph.

the second thing is on the x axis is says Runs Made which should appear on the y axis and the Opposition name should appear on the x axis. i have made a slice including the columns but when i make the chart view linking it to the slice it shows the option to select the opposition column but after i save it, appsheet automatically changes the Opposition column selection to Runs Made column.

there are 3 separate tables for the three formats in which the game of cricket is played in. So each format has a column heading as Tournament & Year, but named slightly different as Tournament&Year (T20), Tournament & Year (ODI) and Tournament & Yr (Test Matches)

I have included all three columns in User Settings and they do appear as a heading in the main menu, but the list of tournaments does not self populate.

Can i include this choice in the graphs view as a dashboard view with the tournament choice as a small view on the top?

How can i fix this. thanks

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May I suggest you


go through the following article and sample apps mentioned therein? - Working with Charts Working with Charts

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Hi @Shri, Looks like the graph image you have included, you have not made the file shared,so not able to see it.

In the meantime,in general, if you wish to see the graph by tournament, you may wish to use the concept of usersettings to filter the data by tournament in a slice and then use that slice in the graph.

For your second query ,request you to share the image so that community colleagues can respond to you. - User Settings: The Essentials User Settings: The Essentials

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar hi

i have tried the user settings method but the tournament name does not auto populate.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar many thanks!

the selection works but the y axis scale in the wickets chart is repeating every step

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@Shri changing the label to Opponents changed the Legends entry to Opponents correctly instead of Tournament Name. Thanks for that too!

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Hi @Shri, Did you enter Valid_if constraint like TableName[Tournament&Year] in the Usersettings column definition



The usersetting is for user to select Tournament&Year of his choice. To start with some predefined value you may have an initial value ( Say latest tournament) defined in the usersettings configuration of the column.

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the valid if condition did auto populate the Tournament&Year field but it did not affect the graph view. the graph still shows all the data. also how can i include the tournament choice within the graph view. thanks

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Hi @Shri, As mentioned earlier, I request you to

create a slice on this table with slice filter condition as


Please use this slice as input in your graph view.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar as i enter the above expression it gives an error as follows: [Tournament&Year]=USERSETTINGS(Tournament&Year)’ could not be parsed due to exception: #VALUE!.

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Hi @Shri, Could you please add where you are getting this error?In the slice filter ,right? Hope you have a column called [Tournament&Year] in the table as well as in usersettings?

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar yes i do have a column named Tournament&Year and i put the expression in the Row Filter Condition in the slice

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Hi @Shri, Sorry for a bit late revert as I wanted to test at my end before conveying my anticipated error in

the expression.

Please change the name of your column from [Tournament&Year], please remove the & in the column name , as it seems to be a reserved character.

I tested with column name containing &,

that is [Tournament&Year] and it gave the anticipated error.

I tested with column name after removing &,

that is [TournamentnYear] and it passed the expression.

Please see the picture attached.