Graph histogram drill down stopped working

I’ve been using histogram, group aggregate drill down with 3 levels for 2+ years. Now the first 2 levels work fine but the 3rd level does not subset dependent on the 2 level like it always had before. My List drill down on the same parameters works fine. I believe this is an AppSheet bug.

Hi, this is a known issue and we are working with it. Sorry for the disruption this is causing.

This is fixed now. Thanks!

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I am experiencing the same issue since last Wednesday.
Some cellphones drill down filtering the results by the selected category while others don’t.
More stil, the web preview works “fine” -meaning that at second level appear only the results filtered by the first level- but the app is not responsive trying to drill deeper down and when going back to initial level the drillin is not responsive, whereas the sync button still works (using Firefox).

There problem with the web emulator under Firefox is still alive.

When running the histogram in a Firefox browser you hit a column to open the sub-filter and then back to return to the first level, the columns become un-responsive to the pointer passing over them and hit.
Chrome works well.