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I have a graph. This graph displays total (Sums) of rows in my table. Currently the graph will show the same bar graph as many times as there are rows. For example, if there is 9 rows for a particular customer - the graph shows bar graphs 9 times (see below).

I don’t want this repeated. I want the graph to show the totals once.

Here is the expressions i use to get (Totals). I have one per date range - this is for 0-30 day range:

Here is the UX graph i have:

What am i missing?

Do you have a Customers table? I would definitely make one if not, then you can specify those totaling expressions in virtual columns in that table, then point your chart view to that table instead. This way there would only be one record per customer (and thus only 1 set of bars on your graph). This would also greatly reduce the number of times this expressions will be calculated, and thus reduce your sync times.

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I do have a customer table but it does not have the invoice/totals in it. This is my Customer table:

That’ll be the perfect spot to re-create your summation expressions in. And instead of using SELECT(…) on the entire table, you can utilize the [Related ARs] column.

    SELECT( [Related ARs][0-30 Days Virtual] ,
            [Document Type] <> "Payments",
            [Document Type] <> "Credit Memos"
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Great, let me try this. I really appreciate it.

Ok. It did change from showing multiple times, however - I have this in a dashboard. I want the user to be able to chooses customer- then the graph show PER that customer only. The graph now just shows ALL customers no matter which customer you select?

Is it because other “detail” views are still from the other table i was using?

Picture i am showing you how my dashboard is set up. The circled one - is the graph i just changed. The other three with arrows - get their data from the other table i was using before: