Graphing data by selected date


Hi, I’m looking to create a graph showing the data according to the date selected by the user. Any suggestions on how to do this? Is it with a dashboard?

I already create this, using, but I can´t modify the size of the text in the amounts, only in the center and I want to learn how to do this with chart in appssheet


Thank you very much as always for your help!

You can specify the font size in the URL params:{type:'doughnut',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April','May'],datasets:[{data:[50,60,70,180,190]}]},options:{plugins:{doughnutlabel:{labels:[{text:'550',font:{size:20}},{text:'total'}]}}}}
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Many thanks!! I did that, but only works for the middle part, not for the numbers in a donut :sob: let me check the documentation in order to know which is my mistake (appear 100 but I tried with 1000 and nothing)