Grayed Out Font on Field

TIA. I have a phone column that is showing in a grayed-out font and can not seem to change it no matter what I do. What am I missing?
Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 4.57.32 PM.pdf (1.2 MB)

I’ll assume you’ve checked the Edit? flag for that column already, yes?

Is it the Key column? Key columns values cannot be changed once the record is created.

Yes it is the Key column. What specifically am I looking for under the edit? The reason I’m needing change, is a user is complaining they can’t read that field do the the color.

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Key column values cannot be modified once the row is saved the first time.

Column values that cannot be modified are grayed-out in form views to indicate they cannot be modified. There is no way to affect the appearance in this case.

That the value is difficult to read is a legitimate complaint. Note to @Arthur_Rallu.

Your option is to add and display a column of type Show that contains the desired text.


Thanks @Steve for flagging this.
Thanks @Drew_Suhr for reporting this issue. I’m first checking with our UX designer @Mike_Moss if we use a standard grey to indicate non-editable fields.


One of the ideas.
If the column is not editable, remove the border line which is wrapping the values for non-editable field on form view.

Currently, all the values displayed on form view regardless they are editable or not are wrapped by border line which may bring confusion to us.

Again, just as an idea.

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I find the greyed out fields difficult to read also.