Greetings all! Wondering if I can get some ...

(Bunnycorp) #1

Greetings all!

Wondering if I can get some guidance please :slight_smile:

Been scratching my head for hours and it feels like I am missing something very elementary!

I am using the following lookup:

lookup([Inventory],“Records”,“Inventory”,“Home Inventory”)

Where [Inventory] contains my products and “Home Inventory” gives the inventory count of each product. “Records” is the name of my table that contains the inventory count, and “Inventory” is the name of the column to lookup in the “Records” table.

The result however (despite the different products contained in [Inventory] and their associated inventory counts, is always just the first answer in the row of

“Home Inventory”.

i.e the first product count under “home inventory” is 6, and this answer 6 is repeated for all other products.

As a test, when I swapped out [Inventory], with “xxx” (where xxx is some product contained in my list, it does give the correct answer. I tried this with several products and the function works. So…what am i doing wrong? :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

(Fernando López) #2

Try this Lookup([_THISROW].[Inventory] , Records, Inventory, “Home Inventory” )

(Bunnycorp) #3

@Fernando_Lopez Thank you so much!! I was tearing my hair out literally! Thank you!!

(Fernando López) #4

You’re welcome