Greetings from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I ho...

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Greetings from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

I hope any of you can help me. I’m creating a “Satisfaction Survey” (service related, exported from Google Forms) in which we collect information from our guests; one field in particular is BIRTHDAY. Typically, users don’t want to share their birth YEAR, and I’m having difficulties to remove the YEAR from the DATE type of field on the app… is there a way so the user can only specify month and day (MM/DD) in the app?

Warm regards. German

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@Marketing_Cafe_des_A It’s not possible to do that right now. What you could do is create two separate columns (birth month and birth date) and then combine them using an app formula or a sheet formula.

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This might be helpful date conversion info. Learning WIKI

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Tony’s right, it’ll be much easier to build this yourself.

You should use data validation in your sheet to set up Enum in your app.

Set as buttons so it’s easy to pick the day and month.

If you set this as

reject other inputs this will also ensure that you have no typos.

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@tony Thank you. Can I create two separate columns in the app, but still save the info (result) in one column on the Google spreadsheet using a formula?

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@Stephen_Mattison Thank you. I will try to add buttons instead of typing.

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@Marketing_Cafe_des_A Yes, create a column with an app formula that looks like this:

TEXT([Month Column]) & “/” & TEXT([Day column])