Group aggregate on a slice not available: I h...

(Lyndon Ball) #1

Group aggregate on a slice not available: I have a table view “Staff Times” with grouped by name, group aggregate is sum of total hours.

This works fine.

I created a slice to view only last months times and set the table up exactly as the main table, grouped by name.

But I cannot group aggregate by total hours.

It’s not an option presented to me.

I only have count as an option.

[Total Hours] is a duration column type, is not hidden, is included in the slice, is a group aggregate option in the main table, is not a group aggregate option on the slice using row filter condition month([Date])=month(today())-1.

Are certain aggregates not available on slices, or am I missing something?

(Steven Coile) #2

You need to create a new view for the slice. Tables and slices do not share views.

(Lyndon Ball) #3

I didn’t explain very well.

My slice is in a new view “staff times - last month”.

The new view based on a filtered slice is not providing the same aggregate options as the view designed for the unfiltered data.