Group Columns but sort based on different column

Hey Guys,

Don’t think this would be difficult to implement and sure this could be useful in a variety of situations but I’m looking to be able have more options when something is grouped.

Currently we can group items and only sort them ascending/descending based on the column itself.
In a dire need to be able to group and sort these groups based on a different column.

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Please clarify. Columns can already be sorted independently of group sorting.

I want to sort the grouped items based on another column, but it always seems to default back to sorting the groups (Ascending/Depending) overriding the specified Sort.

I believe the sort we have control of, is the sorting of the items inside the groups themselves. Not the sorting of the groups themselves, this we only have the option for ascending/descending.
Lemme know if this is clear enough @Steve :wink: