Grouped action button

Hi, I have an action I need some help with.
I’m trying to make a grouped action that first Exports my current view as a CSV, then clears the Quantity of a certain column. I’ve got it down so when I group these two together it works pretty well except for one thing. The views I want to save as CSV’s are slices that I have shown in a Dashboard view but when I click the icon for the grouped action, when it goes to save the CSV file it doesn’t record anything because I’m technically still in the dashboard view of all the slices. So I made another action that first goes to the view of just that particular slice first before saving as a CSV however, when I do this, it breaks the grouped action and doesn’t save the CSV or delete the values in the column after going to the slice view.

So either I need to know how I can make an action only appear when i’m in the slice view and NOT in the Dashboard view, or I need a grouped action that first goes to that view and THEN completes the other steps. Thank you!

Hi Luke,

Could you share some screenshots so I can better understand what you are looking to accomplish?


So first off here is the action I’m trying to do:
This is to select the rows I want and then clears them:

Then I put this together with another action to save the current view as a CSV:

However, when I go to my dashboard of these views, I can see this action:
And Because my action first exports the current view and I’m in the dashboard, it saves a spread sheet with no values in it:

However when I’m in the view for that slice and out of the dashboard view I can press it too:

And THIS time it saves what I want it to save:

So my question is either how do I make that action ONLY appear when I’m in the View for the slice and NOT when I’m in the Dashboard, or how do I make it always go to that view first to make sure it’s exporting the right view as a CSV?