Grouped Deck View

Similar to Table grouping, Deck views can now be grouped by a particular field (thanks @morgan!) . This can be established for each Deck view by modifying the ‘Group By’ and ‘Group Aggregate’ settings:

In this particular example, I grouped by the same field twice, creating the effect of ‘drilling-down’ into each category:



This is awesome, your read my mind!

Awesome, I’ll be making use of this immediately…

Thank you!

Hi, did this however the Group Count did not appear, how so?

And also, i see you category has symbols for Dogs, Kitchen/Food, etc. How do we do that?

Please dont show something that we cant do on AppSheet :stuck_out_tongue:

@Zikri_Zainal those icons can be set in UX > Format Rules


Hi @Peter What is the Dog Icon called? I dont seem to be able to find it.

Ah, my mistake! @Lynn @Zikri_Zainal Those are icons I used from and included in my table. They are set as a label in addition to the item names, so they will show up in the grouping.


Thank you!

What do use to make GIF like you used for the example of the deck view

@Michael_Pinto I’m using ‘DU Recorder’ for quick mobile screen recordings like this:

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@Peter, this is exciting for sure. In a small way, the ability to drill down is the phone/mobile device equivalent of a interactive dashboard on a larger device (tablet landscape and greater). With this in mind, is there a way to tell appsheet to show a view for phone, based on device size? Then show a different view when screen size is greater than some amount where the interactive dashboard would show instead?

Not sure if this completely solves your request, but have you looked at using a CONTEXT formula in the Show If condition for a view? I use this to display a different view for mobile vs browser use.
eg: for the specific view to only show on browser, use CONTEXT(“Host”)<>”Device”

@psfulgham Seconding @Mike’s comment - just posted a couple ideas here: Hiding Fields in Certain Views

With that in mind, it’s not only good to consider when to show/hide certain views, but also what your default view should be - you can set that in UX > Options

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Just noticing that if you try and create a drill-down grouping for the deck view, the system is removing the already selected columns from the available options:


:ok_hand: Thanks

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Is there plans to let us add more Action items and possible adjust the size of the icon field or allow multiple fields of text in that space.

I don’t need to show pictures, but I have a lot of text fields that i’d like to be able to see in the Card View.

What i’d love is to be able to add 5-6 Action Items and then have 4-5 text fields in the card view. Kind of like having an adjustable Grids in the Card View!!

Agree with Austin above…

Any chance to “Group” as a Deck view so you can have images of the groups then select to drill into another deck view of the rows?

This is an old topic so hoping a solution is currently available.

This is already possible by combining deeplinks such as LINKTOVIEW() / LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() with onClick event action you can define in UX views:



I’ve figured out the gallery to deck view solution. Using LinkToFilteredView, now I’m trying to get the filtered view’s heading to match the selected value. Any suggestions to solve?

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