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Grouped: Execute a sequence of actions

Needing help with this action. I have created an action that allows the user to

clear their current data and navigate back to the data entry page in the event that they have made an error and need to start over (as well as to prevent multiple entries of this specific data, as they only need to be able to enter one line).

The group action I have set up fires two actions: the first clears the data, and the second navigates them back to the data entry page. As it stands, the group action is only firing the first action and then reloading what I assume is a default view, and not where I want the user to end up. I have tried reversing the actions to see what happens and it is the same thing - it fires the first action (navigation in this case) and doesn’t fire the second (clearing data).

Is there something I’m missing to get both actions to fire?


For sequences of Actions the data changes should occur first followed by navigation. Could it be that the first action is deleting the row that the user is currently viewing? If the row you’re looking at is deleted, it may fall back to a default view and interrupt the rest of the sequence.

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Ah yeah that makes sense, it’s deleting the information from the table in the current view. I wonder if there’s a workaround to get both actions to fire?


Would it work to just launch the edit form to modify the existing entry? Another option might be to launch the new form without deleting the old entry, but connect the Form Saved event to an action that deletes all but the newest row for that user. Then the old data would still be there if they cancel the form. View Events