Grouped: execute a sequence of actions

I’d like to pose a general question: Is a grouped set of actions always executed in strict sequence? In other words, are there situations where a subsequent action begins to execute before the all of the effects of the previous action have been completely calculated, thereby causing the results of that subsequent action to be incorrect? Or, would such a situation always be considered to be a bug?

I think I’ve hit upon such a situation. As it is the holiday season, I expect to wait a few days to get a formal response to an inquiry to (which I haven’t written up just yet) but I’m curious to know if anyone knows of any exceptions to the “law of sequentiality” (my term). Thanks!

I would expect grouped actions to always execute in order. What behavior are you seeing?

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Thanks @Steve!

The app is a bit complicated so for now I think I’ll just outline the problem in general terms.

I have two actions:

  1. Write single, yes/no value to cell
  2. Based on the value of that cell the contents of a slice are recalculated via a rather complicated expression and then the COUNT() of that slice is written to another cell

When I put actions 1 and 2 in a grouped action, the result of the COUNT() wasn’t written (the old value remained unchanged). This was the case even though the number of writing events indicated but the sync numbers at appeared seemed to be correct. When I tapped on action 1, waited a bit, and then tapped on action 2 (in other words, did not use the grouped action), it worked. Then, when I inserted another, unrelated writing action into the grouped action between 1 and 2, that worked too. So, I think this must be a bug. I’ll planning to write to AppSheet about it with the exact information about the name of the app, how to observed the phenomenon, etc.

Would you concur, @Steve, that this sounds like a bug?

I’ve experienced another similar problem at a different point in my app. Again, a temporary resolution was to insert another unrelated action into the series between the two.

Resolved: The problem was caused by a problem with a condition I had placed on an action.

In the immortal words of Emily Litella: “Never mind!”