Grouping and headers in detail views

Is it possible to keep the parent grouping visible when moving through additional drill downs? I would like functionality similar to this:


I get this simply by grouping the driver call sign. If I add a layer of grouping to this to (RowNumber) it minimizes the visible data as I desire:


but when I drill into the next level, I lose the ability to view ‘whose’ data I am in:


How do I get it to drill down while still able to see the drivers call sign?

Unfortunately, no.

I have an open feature request for basically this though, you can go vote and/or comment on it.


I’m on my phone here so can’t link and screenshot etc.

But…did you know that you can set the name of your detail view with a formula as well?

In the Name of the view option in the Display section you could put something like this

Concatenate("Next Day Assigned Trips for ",[whatever your driver name field is here])

Then you should see the title of your view change depending on which driver you click.

@Scott_Robinson , you are absolutely correct. However, if you examine his initial post a bit more, I believe you will find that he used the term “detail view” incorrectly, as he is actually referring to a Table view the entire time.

I will agree - I used the term ‘detail view’ incorrectly. However, thank you to @Scott_Robinson and @Marc_Dillon for giving me the low down.

I can’t express how much of a life saver AppSheet has been during an inopportune time for us. Because the community is so supporting and knowledgeable we were able to overcome a local server outage that lasted way longer than it should have - with minimal catch up work to do. We are currently exploring options to replace a large scale dispatch software suite ($180,000 to purchase and $20,000 a year to license) with what we created on AppSheet for a fraction (less than a hundredth of a percent) of the cost, but still retaining the most important requirements.