Grouping Bug?

Hi all,

I’'m having some trouble grouping my view. I want to do multiple groupings i.e. group by Type and then by Schedule.

Schedules are in the format “Block : Schedule Name : Level”. That’s how it appears in the Order Details Table with each item. These schedules can be repeated throughout the table so they should fit into distinct groups.

However, when I go to group by schedule is repeats the list and it removes the level item of each group?

This is the App view, you can see the repeated groupings. But the next image will show you the actual content it should group by in the spreadsheet.



You can see that the Level/specific location of the schedule is ignored but obviously recogmised and is causing these grouping issues.

I tried to concatenate the Schedule and the other specific location columns we have but then they appear like so;

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you concatenate the value with the app or sheet formula? What that formula is?


with my experience its better to use appsheet virtual column for concatenating. [ faster, and less buggy]

Why not using just a classic grouping instead?


Im concatenating in the app using a Virtual column.

Formula I used is;

CONCATENATE([Take Off Group], [Sub-Area])

Would you please take a printscreen from your spreadsheet so we could see column headers as well.

Not sure if this image is clear but the main headers im grouping are included

Please try to concatenate those three columns like [1stColumn]&" : “&[2ndColumn]&” : "&[3rdColumn] and then group with that virtual column.


Thats the outcome when I concatenate. I dont understand why its necessary to combine column data that is already there in one column, I have the block, group and level in my column data as one column but it only shows when the concatenating it with other data.

I don’t have a segmented group name because the group name includes both block and level info.

This is the column I want to group by, there is no need to concatenate other column data. But if I dont you cant see full detail.

So… do you have this “Apartment Flat Pact Ductwork” data in a separate column?

Double colon in your take off group column might be doing something wrong and odd ?

Is it possible Appsheet miss read the second double colon as a sort of ‘operator’ in programming language they use in the app?

This is kind of funny but what s happening you create the virtual column from this column like

Concatenate(text([take off group]), “ “)


This should return exact same string expect space at the end but may change your game?

Sorry I don’t have any clue though.

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No its not separated

Is there a way to both separate the data and combine it in one expression, so concatenate the segments of the column

If your data is like xxxxxx : xxxxxx : xx you can use SPLIT() expression for that purpose like…
INDEX(SPLIT([Column]," : "),3) and the result is xx

This seems to be causing further issue still, is there an alternative separator that wouldnt cause this? i.e. can I use a “-” or a “/” icon?

Its preventing the key matching so no related lists will appear?

This should say Section 1 but just says section.

This should say section other areas but says other.

This should say all but doesnt show at all.

The files concatenated are all text

This one is fine though?