Grouping family members by assigning unique ID in one column

Hi all,

I am trying to group family members by assigning an unique ID under one column.

What is desired is to have an entry (a form from one member) to multiple select members from a list, and when that happens, the app will have an action to automatically assign an unique ID to the original member together with the members selected.

I would love to do it this way instead of creating another table to build the relationship as I feel it reduces manual inputs and minimises additional tables needed.

I’ve been exploring and need some inputs here. Have explored Behaviour/Action/Do This/ Data: set the values of some columns in this row but Im struck here.

Thanks all.

I think what you need is a column that is an ENUMLIST of type REF that points to the key column

But your description could do with some screenshots to make it clearer :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir for the reply.

Coming up with the list of names to multi select from is okay, but i would like to trigger to assign an uniqueID to the names together with the one it was selected from so that they are ‘grouped’ under this ID. I believe I should be looking into behavior to ‘action’ it.

I believe i need to create an expression here for it to work…