Grouping/filtering for inventory management

Hi Guys,

I am pretty new to Appsheet so looking for some help on an issue I have encountered.

Basically the goal is to create a filter function that shows my stock available. We are looking at building it for a wheel company and the problem is the wheels have very particular information, for example:

Item code (ANX014)
Model (567)
Size (18")
Width (7.5j)
P.C.D (5/112)
C.B (67.1)
E.T (35)
Colour (Gloss black)
Maximum weight load (950kg)
Notes (1 wheel has slight damage)
Quantity (4)

The problem that I need to be able to filter down my results which are actually showing,

Filtering from
P.C.D > Size > Colour —> Displays stock which have a certain P.CD selected, Size and colour.
P.C.D > Size --> Displays stock which have a certain P.CD selected and a size

I have tried messing around with grouping options however it just sorts all stock in ascending value however I need to remove the ability to see all other stock, only that which is filtered.

As they have 3000+ rows the only real way to navigate around would be through a filtering system,

Please could anyone let me know what they could suggest trying?

Hi @builder012 ,

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Based on your description of the requirement, please take a look at the following sample apps

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