Guest User in my app even if i have user sign in restriction

i am on appsheet core plan…

In My app,

i can see guest_-956001730 as my user…

i have strictly enabled require user sign in from my app right from the very start and have permitted only some users email in my app… who is this guest_-956001730 user and how is he able to access my app???

i have seen unique app interactions of this guest_-956001730 user in last 3 days …

30/4/2021 - 6 Interactions

18/5/2021 - 12 inetarctions

19/5/2021 - 5 interactions

20/5/2021 - 5 interactions.

There is no activity of guest user in audit log or performance analyser… So how are there any interactions?

I wrote to
But they said the guest user might be somebody that has the link and/or was revoked from accessing your app.
Even if somebody has link… how can there be 12 interactions??
Is he able to see my data? Also Its clearly written about guest user in app that:

What is a “guest” user?

You may see users on this list identified as “guest” users. A guest user is recorded whenever your app is used and the person using it is not signed in. Since we do not have signin information, instead we rely on identifying the device/browser being used. As a result, if Sarah uses the app once from a phone, once from another tablet, and once from her desktop, AppSheet would count this as three guest users. If you are on a per-user subscription plan (AppSheet Starter, AppSheet Core), please make sure all your deployed apps require user authentication (i.e. force users to sign in). Please be aware that the information shown in this chart is from the last 30 days of usage, so even if you make a change today, it may take up to thirty days for old guest user information to stop showing.

So how can someone use my app if he is not even signed in??? Or how can appsheet count the app as used if he is not signed in?? Or Is this a security flaw that guest user can access appsheet inspite user restriction?

Kindly elaborate if someone is getting any idea. i am not satisfied with whatever appsheet support said to me. Because this raises a security concern with every organisation using appsheet if they are getting random guest users…


Please… Anyone has any idea about this?

Did you ask Support these question?

Hey steve @Steve

Yes i asked all these questions to support to… i didnt receive any reply from their side… It was driving me nuts to even think that someone might be accessing my organisations crucial data without my permission… so i thaught it best to ask in forum in case any expert have encountered any scenario like this in past or with any client…

Any Idea why guest_-956001730 is counted in my apps unique users?

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I’m afraid I have no insights to offer. :frowning:

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ok steve @Steve thanks…
Any idea whom should i talk to about this?
Or any idea why this happened?
@praveen @Aleksi

After numerous emails, Wrote email again to appsheet support… Hope they respond… In a situation like this appsheet support should respond immediately else how are we ensuring the data reliability of appsheet customers…

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Hi @SSC , I’m just catching up to the messages of the day. Let me look into this one and get back to you.

The most important thing to reassure you — if your app requires signin, only those in the app allow list (as configured in your Security and Users pane) can access the app. That’s for sure.

This feels like a reporting issue, and we’ll dig into it and get back to you. From my quick perusal of the support ticket, this is also what our support team shared with you — your app is indeed secure and this seems like a reporting issue. I realize that you want a greater level of reassurance and explanation for why this anomalous “guest-***” user has shown up in your reports. We’ll get you that detail, but wanted to put your mind at ease that there probably isn’t anyone trying to break into your account as you fear, and in any case, no unsigned user can access your app.


@praveen Thanks Mr. Praveen

Glad to hear that.
I will wait for the investigation to get completed from appsheet side… Thank You

This is still happening. Any news on when the reporting will be fixed?

same problem for me on two accounts. One of which got blocked due to the guest account artificially boosting the number of users over our limit…

Both of them require google authentication, guest accounts are not possible.

Can someone from apphseet stop my account from being blocked. SAF08-1661793

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Please contact for help with this.

Even I have the same problem. Is it a threat. What should be done for this. Also with the same user name guest_-956001730. I afraid. Please if anyone have any clue, say as early as possible.

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I strongly believe that the Guest account is associated with your use of Bots. I developed an app recently where I began utilizing a Bot the second day into development. That is when the Guest account appeared.


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I have same guest_-956001730, and Guest_1784187664

Further to what Brian said, according to this article, “You may see guest_-956001730 in your log files even if your app requires sign-in. This system user account is used to log system events, and is not an indication that your app security has been compromised.”

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I have the Same problem too
i see guest_671344909
and Per-user drilldown: app interactions per day it shows something like it was in weekend when i didn’t was the app but maybe i tried to refresh a browser in one of my devices and it did not load successfully so maybe the system identify it ass a guest

I am facing same issue