Guidance on your sample apps please

Hi team, I have been playing with your sample apps on and off for about a week and so far very impressed.

My app will be more like a calendar booking system for Property inspections to do with hygiene and pest control services.

There are 2 key actor roles : The manager / schedule - who currently uses Google Calendar. Then there are the resource/inspector that will be doing the inspections that are scheduled for them of which there are about 20 now. They have personal google calendars that they use.

The above doesn’t really allow to track a job all the way from booking by the Manager, thru to then the resource being allocated and tracked thru the job lifecycle and have a nice visual app they can go to the job, change the status to ‘under inspection’, then finalise it ’ Job Finished’ and tracking the time that they are there in the way of a timesheet for uploading to Quick-books. There would need to have the ability to get a signature, and maybe a photo or 2 of the inspections once completed. If there is something really bad add notes to the Job.

A nice visual calendar for the scheduler for multiple resources is a key part of this. If this needs to replace Google Calendar that is fine, and would rather use your platform for the entire APP.

Can you give me some guidance on the best ‘sample app or apps’ to look at please ?

I can really see that your app has great potential and congrats being acquired by Google Cloud.

Thank you and any guidance would be appreciated.

PS I want to sign up hundreds of users of you app. ( while labelled ofcourse ).

Peter Yates


What you are asking is actually a tailor-made, custom design app which I’m afraid you might not be able to find amongst the sample apps. You will either make your hands dirty and build the app yourself (and of course community will always be your guidance) or hire an AppSheet Partner and Developer to develop the app for you.

If wanna build the app yourself, here is a good post by @Jake_Naude for you to start digging:

You can also check the community’s Tips & Tricks section as well.



Thank you and have been playing extensively and having a few issues. I think I have a work around where I am still using Google Calendar and updating both the Title and the Description adding text as a status/progress. Keeping track of each of the steps in the app with concatinating messages.

Will keep you informed.

Thank you for commentary. I have 3 questions.

I am using concatenate on a text field and want to be able to have a ‘newline or carriage’ return to separate some of the text - is there a way to do this ? eg \n or \r ?

Following on from the above question, I have tried using a number of spaces " " to pad out text when using concatenate of a text field, but doesnt seem to work. Is there a trick ? My results are I only get 1 space eg " " ?

Is it possible to use a virtual column to enter data - I have 2 fields that I want to store to update a Google Calendar ( Description ) with without having a database or spreadsheet ?

You can try with this:

","Some text here","


Thank you for suggestion and will try it today.

Did you see the inquiry about a ‘carriage return or new line’ as well ?

The virtual column - can it be used to collect input data ? is there any other trick rather than going back to a another data source ?

Hope to hear from you and the team shortly.


Virtual Columns are for calculation and data processing purposes only, you can think of them as helper columns. Therefore you cannot actively collect user input data with a Virtual Column.

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