Guide: Twilio WhatsApp Message API WebHook with Appsheet Bot

Here is the guide on setup your webhook with Twilio REST API


Body: To=whatsapp:%2B60xxxxxxx&From=whatsapp:%2B14xxxxxxxBody=TestTest
Header: Authorization: “Basic QUM3OTVjxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Example: Authorization: "Basic " + Base64Encoded(TwilioAccountSID + “:” + TwilioAuthToken)
URL Encode and Decode - Online (


Feel free to share if anyone found other better method of doing this.


Is it working? I’ll be following what you’ve showed here and I’ll probably comment back… I am currently using whatsapp public api, building the link with one killer expression and using action to send the order to my clients. When they confirm, I manually change status on the app. Not perfect, but better than what was before. But if I can get the chatbot to work for me here on appsheet, that’s seems to be a good solution for speed things up on production.