Guys / Girls, I've created an app but I have ...

(Danny Smith) #1

Guys / Girls, I’ve created an app but I have a question.

Within my app I’ve got a slice that I’ve set to only show items of a certain criteria eg. once they have a value of 9 or above.

What I’d like to do is be able to update another table once i’ve actioned an item on this specific slice, is that possible.

Example I have a members table and I have a promotions table.

There is a slice based on the members table that only shows me people who have an attendace >=9, I’d like to be able to add a new row to the promotions table once I action those listed on the members slice.

I only seem to be able to do actions on the members table though as that’s what my slice is based upon.

Am I missing something?

Hopefully one of you can assist?

(Steven Coile) #2

What you want to do is likely possible, but it isn’t clear what you mean by “actioned an item”. Please clarify.

(Danny Smith) #3

Hi Steve thanks for your reply.

Let me give a more detailed example.

My app is essentially an attendance logger, when a member has attended 9 or more sessions I want to record this by noting the date and the member on my “Promotions” table.

The “Promotions” table is more or less blank and is solely to add a row of data to it when people hit those milestones of 9 attendances.

I want the persons name an the date the milestone was hit.

My “Members” table is what contains the member data and counts how many sessions they have attended up to now (from another table called “Attendance”.

Rather than scrolling through all my members to see if any have reached a 9 session milestone.

I therefore created a slice that will only show me those who have reached the milestone.

From this slice I’d like to be able to use an “Action” which creates the entry on my “Promotions” table to note the individuals milestone in a new row.

Does that make sense?

(Steven Coile) #4

Easy enough! Create an action attached to your Members table (and the slice that displays only those who have reached the milestone) with a Do this of App: go to another view within this app. For Target, use a LINKTOFORM() deep link expression to take the app user to the form for the Promotions table. The LINKTOFORM() expression can be used to pre-populate columns of the form with appropriate values from the member’s Membership row.

(Danny Smith) #5

Hi +Steve Coile. Steve thanks for that, I believe I’m close but it’s not working (so frustrating).

Here’s what I’ve done:

-I have an ACTION called Promote Student. -In the "For a record of this table.

This action applies to rows of which table?" I have set this to PROMOTIONS -In the “Do this” I have done as you suggested App: go to another view within this app -Target syntax is as follows: LINKTOFORM(“Promotions_Form”, “Member Name”,[_THISROW].[Member Name])

Perhaps my syntax is wrong?

But when I click into the Promotions view and see the relevant members listed i.e. those with 9 or more attendances.

I’m hoping to see the icon displayed for my “Promote Student” ACTION but it’s not there.

One weird thing I notices is when I look under UX then Views and select the “Promotions_Form” referenced in my syntax and the select the “behavior” dropdown within that “Promotions_Form” the EVENT ACTIONS to take when form saved are set to “PROMOTE STUDENT” (which is my action).

If I have my preview window open I can see what I would expect to happen but I’m just not seeming to get it when I click Sliced view that has only members with an attendance of 9 or more.

Any other suggestions?

I’m happy to even share my app so you can see for yourself if that helps?

(Steven Coile) #6

For For a record of this table, choose Members rather than Promotions. You want the action to appear while browsing Members.

(Danny Smith) #7

Thanks again Steve, but that seems to have made no difference :frowning: